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Weight Management

At IASIS Healthcare-Utah, physicians recognize that obesity is not a choice; it’s a disease. Groups like The Surgical Weight Loss Center of Utah and The Bariatric Medicine Institute (two of our partners) are here to help women in the Salt Lake Valley who want to lose weight the healthy way.

Your personal weight loss team may include a primary care physician (if you don’t already have one), dietitian, exercise specialist, licensed psychologist, and a bariatric surgeon – all of whom want to see you succeed in meeting your weight loss goal!

Facts About Obesity in Utah
It’s no news that obesity is a significant problem in Utah and the United States, but here are a few facts that may surprise you:

  • Six out of ten adults in Utah are overweight.
  • One out of every four adults in Utah is obese.
  • The percentage of obese adults in Utah has more than doubled in the last 25 years.

(Source: Utah Department of Health)

Health Conditions Related to Obesity

According to the Surgeon General, approximately 300,000 deaths every year can be attributed to obesity. Other research suggests that figure could be as high as 450,000 (18 percent of deaths). Regardless, obesity has serious consequences on national health, increasing risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, heartburn, infertility, osteoarthritis, depression, urinary stress incontinence, sleep apnea and breathing problems, and cancer. Weight gain has been shown to increase risk for several specific female cancers, including endometrial cancer and breast cancer.

Surgical Weight Loss Services in Utah

Through IASIS Healthcare of Utah, women receive the personalized education and clinical care they deserve – every step of the weight loss process. Surgical weight loss services are available through the following medical centers, with locations in West Jordan and Salt Lake City, UT.

Register to Attend a Weight Loss Seminar

Are you tired of endless dieting and ineffective exercise programs? Surgical weight loss has provided thousands of patients with the clean slate they need to lose weight and keep the weight off.

To learn more about the surgical weight loss options that may be available to you, register to attend a free seminar at Jordan Valley Medical Center or online through Salt Lake Regional Medical Center. For more information about weight loss surgery, call IASIS Healthcare of Utah at 801-984-3400.